Telephonic interview with Gia from Talk Radio 702


Has the Downs Syndrome Association of Pretoria be made aware of the allegations against uitkoms ?

Yes, we received an e-mail from yesterday’s interview that 702 had with a parent.


How does the Association feel about the allegations being made ?

We are concerned about the safety of young people in the home.  We often refer young people with DS to uitkoms.

In the Pretoria area there are not many group homes for young people with disabilites and we don’t want to see a good home being closed down due to false allegations made.


If anything comes out to be true, what would the Association’s views be ?

The necessary steps need to be taken to ensure that the young people’s safety and well-being comes first.  Any problems arising from the investigation need to be rectified.


How does the parents feel ?

We have concerned parents that asked us to respond to the allegations and wanted to know what we are going to do about it.

Some parents are also very upset and believe that these allegations are totally untrue that are being made against Uitkoms.   They have never had any problems with uitkoms.


Due to pressure from concerned parents, an sms was sent by us to warn parents agains Uitkoms.

The sms only reflected one parent’s experience.

The Association was in fault not by contacting Uitkoms before sending out the sms.

We want to apologise for upsetting parents unnecessary and wishes Uitkoms the best.