Your Dietitian

After completing her BSc (Dietetics) degree in 2003 at NWU and public service year, Ora-Mari moved to the UK. There she gained international experience in Paediatric Dietetics. She lived and worked in North Wales for nine years and returned to South Africa early April 2014.

In Wales she worked at a district hospital and was part of multidisciplinary teams treating children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Diabetes and Allergies. She also managed general dietetic paediatric hospital clinics, the neonatal intensive care unit, covered paediatric wards and paediatric clinics in the community. She also provided teaching and support to schools/nursery teachers and cooks where children require specialist diets. Ora-Mari completed the British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) modules Dietetic Management of Inherited Metabolic Disorder and Nutrition/Dietetics in Infancy and Childhood at Masters Level through Plymouth University, UK. She also completed the BDA’s course on Neonatal Nutrition and Nutrition/Dietetics in Common Paediatric Disorders. She also completed various other paediatric specific dietetic courses.

Ora-Mari is also MEND ( trained and can support children and their families to make healthier food choices and lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life and obtain optimum health and ideal weight.

Her special interests include childhood obesity, faltering growth, milk allergies in babies, behavioural feeding difficulties, baby weaning, general child and infant nutrition, CF and nutritional support (tube feeding/oral nutritional supplements).

Ora-Mari also has a passion for teaching and educating parents, nursery staff and patients groups in order to provide Absolute Nutrition to all.

Ora-Mari lives in Centurion with her husband and one year old son, George.