Amanda World Congress 2012 feedback

I am Amanda Steyn.

I am 24 years old and wanted to attend the Congress in the Cape to tell everyone
what we have learned in the self-advocate group and to make new friends.  

At the Congress we learned about our different rights
and the right that every person has to vote. 
Also how important these rights are. We spoke about our
problems at work and how to better handle them.
I shared my personal work story with the group and
that I want to move forward the following year. 

The group went on an outing to the aquarium. 
We learned about sea animals. 

I met a lot of other young people with Down Syndrome
from other countries and saw that all of us differ.
It was good to hear their stories and how they do things.
I want to thank everyone that supported me and have been
there for me.  We need to support each other and not be jealous.