Come and celebrate with us..
National Down Syndrome Day!!


Our first Health Day was hosted on the 21 March in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day.
The event was held at Maranatha Bana Special School with over 100 families attending to listen to various speakers on eye care, dental care, early language development and nutrition.

Dr Engela Honey, a genetic paediatrician spoke on the importance of early intervention and medical screenings that are critical for children with Down syndrome. Anna Atkins from the association for Autism was also there to speak about Autism and Down syndrome.

The focus of the day was to educate parents on the essential medical care needed for our children and where to access the correct services.

Parents could visit different stations to receive information and have their children screened. Representatives from Talk Tools and Clever Fish were on hand to offer advice on educational toys and equipment.

Thank you to Professor Alta Kritzinger and her students from the Department of Kommunica and Pathology for doing pressure test hearing, Dr Cathy Makobe and her team for doing the dental screening and Dr Honey for the heart screening.

Morula Marathon

The Down Syndrome Association and its family members were invited to participate in the Morula Marathon on the 30 March 2013 in Soshanguve hosted by the Morula Running Club and Pick n Pay Soshanguve.

This was history in the making as it was the first race that was not only a marathon but a social awareness gathering in celebration of Human Rights Day as well as World Down Syndrome Day that was celebrated on 21 March.

The race comprised of a 21km run, 10km and 5km fun walk/run. Approximately 1000 people participated as well as 4 of our children with Down syndrome who did the 5km walk.

Well done to our walkers for their perseverance and completing the race. On Thursday 11 April Mr Solly Raborife, race organiser and Mr George Senosha owner of Pick n Pay handed over a cheque of R5000.00 to the Down Syndrome Association.