Big story all over the news today, Down Syndrome Adult at the care centre

 EWN Exclusive: Parents speak out about a PTA care centre abuse 

Gia Nicolaides

Several Pretoria families have told Eyewitness News their loved ones being cared for at the Uitkoms Care Centre  in Montana Park are not being fed properly and are suffering other forms of abuse.

The centre caters for people with mental and physical disabilities.

Management has come under fire for alleged abuse, racism and for having poor safety standards.

Debbie Esterhuyse said her down syndrome daughter Vanessa started complaining last year when new manager Gert Jordaan took over.

“This Mr. Gert Jordaan said they have to save on food and then his next excuse was that the children are too fat,” said Esterhuyse.

Esterhuyse said she was shocked by what her daughter was being fed.

“A chicken wing and a spoon of rice, is that what you would like for supper every night?” she said.

Nicole Saaiman’s brother, Theo Gouws, who was burnt in a boiling bath last year, lost about 12 kilos.

“After the new management took over they decreased their food,” said Saaiman.

Jordaan has denied the allegations but refused to go on record.

The matter is being investigated.