Thanks to increased Lotto funding we are now also able to post a Bulletin to all members on our database. Over the last two years anyone could collect a Bulletin at the branch office, but due to high postage costs and limited funding, we could only post Bulletins to paid-up members. A big thank you to people who showed their understanding and support. The next big “media” project is to update, upgrade and greatly improve our website. The Bulletin and website are important tools in providing information to our public – parents, professionals and the general man-inthe-street. Thus, we are looking for someone to run and co-ordinate this valuable service. Do you have the passion for issues around Down syndrome and the skill to manage the website? If so please contact Petra at the branch (see website for contact details).



Whew! 2009 really flew by! I hope that all our members can look back on this year and see that it was fruitful?  Even through hardship, we can often find the lesson, the ‘something’ that made it worthwhile.

I affectionately call this ‘The Year I got my Wrinkles’… Although my son was born in 2008, I feel as though I was (rebborn in 2009! My son has opened a whole new world for me. Sure, there are early morning therapy sessions that I could certainly do without. But I have been blessed to enter a world of possibility. Because of my son, I am now living my dreams, I am fululling my purpose in life. I am now a full -time writer, focussing on articles that showcase the ‘real world’ of special needs – a place that is warm, filled with support, brushed with successes, covered in hope and possibility. And all because my son chose me to be his mother!

Ok – so to this issue, the 2009 Down Syndrome Bulletin! I was asked to come on board, which I was thrilled to do! This is yet another avenue to educate, advocate and make a difference!You wll notice, if you’ve received previous Issues, that this one may look a bit different. I am now doing the design and layout, and this is my first time, so hopefu y the design and layout wlli only improve with every passing Issue. Also, we iwll be including a few more regular features, other than the standard Member Stories, Branch News, and General Interest Articles we will also be adding Recommended Educational Material and a dedicated section to demystifying some of the Medical Information surrounding our children.

I hope that you wil lfind the Bulletin informative, inspiring and educational.

All the best for 2010

Warmest Regards, Loren Stow