1. Become a member:

Members of our Association has access to our services and the newest updated international information related to Down syndrome. If you are: *a person with Down syndrome or intellectual disability *a family member or friend of a person with Down syndrome *a professional person interested in Down syndrome or working in the field of Down syndrome you can join the Association. Membership fees are minimal. Please download the Debit Order Form HERE Once filled in, please continue to our Member Page.

2. Become a donor

As an NPO we are totally dependant on sponsorship to keep on providing our services to people with Down syndrome and their families. There are a variety of ways in which businesses or individuals can support us and get involved.

3. Become a volunteer

As an NPO we are constantly looking for volunteers to assist us during awareness raising events. Involvement as a volunteer can range from assisting with food and beverage and venue preparation during one of our functions to babybsitting/adult supervision  for the children/young adults while parents listen to a talk or take a well deserved break.