It is tax season again, and an opportunity for taxpayers with disabilities/disabled dependents, to claim back costs.

We have in the past circulated information on the tax rebates for medical and disability expenses, and continue to receive enquiries.

Iopener, the newsletter of the South African National Council for the Blind, has posted this advice:

“Jaco Kruger, an expert on the tax law about people with disabilities, had the following advice as we enter the tax submission period once again:
“The tax law have had some major changes since 2012 in terms of allowable deductions for medical and disability expenses. Despite these concessions by SARS, taxpayers have not used these benefits. To ensure these benefits are used to its full potential, taxpayers must seek disability tax advisory services.

Some of the important things to notice from SARS in this regard are:

  • Correction or amendment of prior year tax returns of up to three years.
  • There are nine broad qualifying categories of allowable expenses for each type of disability – within each of these categories, there are a wide range of qualifying examples.
  • Registered learnership agreements between employer and the employee (Disabled person), allow for a commencement allowance of R50K and a completion allowance of R50K (In total, a R100K tax relief per annum). This could be specifically beneficial for the small to medium businesses
  • Improvements on the eFiling system in conjunction with recognised tax practitioners, have smoothed the process of submissions and quicker results

Personal interaction with SARS on a professional basis contributes to a successful submission and effective results. As a parent of a disabled person, I have a very good understanding of the major need for these special people. The latest census have indicated that up to 6,5% of people in South Africa are disabled. Some estimate that no more than 15% of qualifying taxpayers, actually submit claims. (The correctness of these submissions is not taken into account).

The ultimate objective is to create awareness amongst parents and or taxpayers. This will improve the lifestyle of the disabled person in today’s society.”

For more information or a free consultation, please contact Jaco Kruger on 083 636 9991 or You can also visit his website at